Unix Domain Socket


  • Akka 2.5.31 and prefer ClassicActorSystemProvider #2254 by @ennru
  • Unix Domain Socket: latest dependencies #2234 by @ennru

closed in 2.0.0-RC2


  • Unix Domain Socket: add access with new actors API #2212 by @ennru
  • Unix Domain Socket: improve test assertions #2208 by @ennru
  • Unix Domain Socket: use class as log source #2174 by @ennru

closed in 2.0.0-RC1


  • Unix domain socket: upgrade dependencies; remove classifier #2108 by @ennru
  • error handling for UnixDomainSocketTest #2131 by @raboof
  • UnixDomainSocketTest: await domain socket binding before connecting #2129 by @raboof
  • Fix Java Unit Test docs example in Unix Domain Sockets #2119 by @seglo

closed in 2.0.0-M3


closed in 2.0.0-M2


No changes.

closed in 2.0.0-M1

For earlier changes see 1.1.x versions

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