Alpakka 1.0.x


Released 2019-04-04

With this 1.0.0 release Alpakka is another member of the Akka family promising great Open Source software with the Reactive Manifesto in mind.

By now all modules have been worked with to follow a similar structure so that both the user experience and the contributor experience are transferable across the many modules in Alpakka. The recommended structure for connectors is illustrated by the Reference connector.

Having that said, a few parts make use of the @ApiMayChange annotation to keep the door open for API changes, so that they can evolve more rapidly than other modules within Alpakka.

If you have kept to older versions of Alpakka to avoid multiple upgrades, now is the time to migrate to what it offers with 1.0.

Most artifacts of Alpakka are available for Scala 2.11, 2.12 and 2.13.0-M5.

Alpakka 1.0.0 modules require at least Akka 2.5.21. Some modules built up Akka HTTP 10.1.7.


A major goal before turning to 1.0 was to improve chances all Alpakka modules can evolve without breaking users’ code. There are two sides to that: One is binary-compatibility which effectively means you can replace just the jar with a later version’s jar in your installation and everything will work. This becomes extremely important as soon as you use other libraries that rely on the same jar. They will continue to work without recompilation. The other is source-compatibility which, when upgrading to a later minor version, would not require any code changes. Akka and Alpakka strive for binary-compatibility and source-compatibility, but we do not guarantee source-compatibility.

All modules of Alpakka can be used independently, you may mix Alpakka versions for different libraries. With Akka though, it is important though to be strictly using one version (never blend eg. akka-actor 2.5.21 and akka-stream 2.5.12), and do not use an Akka version lower than the one the Alpakka dependency requires (sometimes Alpakka modules depend on features of the latest Akka release).

Highlights since 1.0-RC1

  • Official support is now available via Lightbend Platform Subscription for the first modules: Couchbase and CSV (Alpakka Kafka has been supported for a while)
  • MQTT Streaming has been further stabilized
  • AWS SQS has been marked “API may change” as there are some improvements coming up (see #1604)


Author Commits Lines added Lines removed
ennru ennru 14 571 179
longshorej longshorej 5 366 110
gabfssilva gabfssilva 1 55 0
mwegrz mwegrz 1 13 8
azolotko azolotko 1 5 5
nukky94 nukky94 1 4 3
RustedBones RustedBones 1 1 27
sullis sullis 1 1 1

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