Google Cloud Pub/Sub



closed in 2.0.0-RC2


  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub: require JSON responses #2217 by @ennru
  • make some gcs object metadata fields optional #2165 by @francisdb
  • Better handling of invalid credentials for Google Pub Sub and Cloud Storage connectors #2164 by @francisdb

closed in 2.0.0-RC1


  • Google Storage & Pub-Sub: Retry google token requests on 5xx #2146 by @francisdb

closed in 2.0.0-M3


  • Google-cloud-pub-sub: dedicated connection pool; withContext #1983 by @btomala

closed in 2.0.0-M2


  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub: PublishMessage for publishing #1881 by @LGLO
  • Google Pub/Sub: Fail source when pull status code is not 200 OK #1928 by @LGLO
  • sync google modules jwt-core version #1815 by @francisdb

closed in 2.0.0-M1

For earlier changes see 1.1.x versions

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