• S3: URI pattern to support all regions #2336 by @iRevive
  • Fix intermittent issues with Wiremock connection reset simulation #2319 by @bpiper
  • S3: Add some backoff delay to multipart upload retries for tests #2282 by @bpiper

closed in 2.0.1


  • AWS S3: Allow source keys with non-ASCII characters #2270 by @mpdn

closed in 2.0.0


closed in 2.0.0-RC2


  • AWS S3: virtual-host-style access with endpoint URL #2193 by @ennru
  • AWS S3: add methods for the new actors API #2211 by @ennru
  • AWS S3: Retry multipart chunk uploads on transient errors using RetryFlow #2116 by @bpiper
  • S3: Ensure S3Settings is resolved once per actor system #2162 by @bpiper

closed in 2.0.0-RC1


  • AWS S3: change default to virtual-host-style access #2099 by @ennru
  • AWS S3: bucket name and object key validation #2086 by @ennru
  • AWS S3: disallow sub-dir selection with bucket names #2053 by @ennru
  • S3 request uri: include empty trailing slashes for the key #2095 by @dl-mai
  • AWS SDK 2.10.60 #2136 by @sullis

closed in 2.0.0-M3


  • AWS SDK 2.10.34 #2006 by @sullis
  • AWS connectors: align client setup docs #2038 by @ennru
  • AWS S3 added listObjects endpoint including common prefixes for a delimiter #2023 by @an-tex

closed in 2.0.0-M2


  • Migrate S3 connector to AWS SDK 2 authentication lib #1905 by @2m
  • S3 allow max chunk size to be as large as the chunk buffer size #1979 by @bpiper
  • AWS S3: Custom header injection #1947 by @vigoo
  • AWS S3: discard entity on failed sign request #2001

closed in 2.0.0-M1

For earlier changes see 1.1.x versions

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