IBM Bluemix Cloud Object Storage

The Alpakka S3 connector can connect to a range of S3 compatible services. One of them is IBM Bluemix Cloud Object Storage, which supports a dialect of the AWS S3 API. Most functionality provided by the Alpakka S3 connector is compatible with Cloud Object Store, but there are a few limitations, which are listed below.

Connection limitations

  • The Alpakka S3 connector does not support domain-style access for Cloud Object Store, so only path-style access is supported.
  • Regions in COS are always part of the host/endpoint, therefore leave the region configuration value empty
  • The connection proxy, containing host/endpoint, port and scheme, must always be specified.

An example configuration for accessing Bluemix Clooud Object Storage should look like this:

sourcealpakka.s3 {

  proxy {
    host = ""
    port = 443
    secure = true

  path-style-access = true

  aws {

    credentials {
      provider = static
      access-key-id = "myAccessKeyId"
      secret-access-key = "mySecretAccessKey"

    region {
      provider = static
      default-region = ""
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