Google Cloud Pub/Sub gRPC


  • Update Akka gRPC to 1.0.0 and use native openssl #2312 by @raboof


  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub gRPC: Akka gRPC 0.8.4 #2290 by @ennru

closed in 2.0.0


  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub gRPC: Update to Akka gRPC 0.8.3 #2259 by @raboof
  • Akka 2.5.31 and prefer ClassicActorSystemProvider #2254 by @ennru

closed in 2.0.0-RC2


  • Google pub/sub gRPC: allow sync poll using PullRequest #2166 by @mdibaiee
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub gRPC: Akka gRPC 0.8.0, hide materializer, support new actors API #2198 by @ennru

closed in 2.0.0-RC1


  • Google Pub/Sub gRPC: remove bundled certificate #2107 by @ennru
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub gRPC: latest versions #2050 by @ennru

closed in 2.0.0-M3


closed in 2.0.0-M2


  • Update to Akka gRPC 0.7.1 #1886
  • Updated google pubsub grpc deps to latest version #1781 by @DanieleSassoli
  • Enable Scala 2.13 build for Google Cloud Pub/Sub gRPC connector #1892 by @2m

closed in 2.0.0-M1

For earlier changes see 1.1.x versions

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