closed in 1.0.2


  • AWS SQS/SNS: more concise docs about the HTTP client #1695
  • SQS/SNS: Update aws-spi-akka-http to version 0.0.6 #1681 by Matthias L√ľneberg, @matsluni dependency-change
  • Enable Scala 2.13 for sqs and sns connectors. #1641 dependency-change

closed in 1.0.1

1.0.0 (changes since 0.20)

  • Add support for using PublishRequest to publish messages to SNS #1114

  • AWS SQS/SNS: Support for per message destinations #1267 p:aws-sqs

  • AWS SNS: towards Alpakka 1.0 #1158

  • AWS SNS: updating to SDK 2.x #1499

closed in 1.0.0 closed in 1.0-RC1 closed in 1.0-M3 closed in 1.0-M2 closed in 1.0-M1

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