Dynamo DB


  • DynamoDb: set port from settings even when tls=true #1722 and #1724

closed in 1.0.2


No changes.

closed in 1.0.1

1.0.0 (changes since 0.20)

  • Refactor DynamoDb to factories taking client #1220

  • towards 1.0 #1206 api-change

    • A few classes used in the public API moved out of the impl package (eg. DynamoSettings)
    • DynamoSettings now supports configuration via withXyz methods (in addition to reading from Config)
    • To use unencrypted http, tls needs explicitly to be set to false.
  • Base URL should be overridable in DynamoClientImpl #1384

  • Add maxOpenRequests param in DynamoConfig #1545 enhancement

closed in 1.0.0 closed in 1.0-RC1 closed in 1.0-M3 closed in 1.0-M2 closed in 1.0-M1

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