No changes.

closed in 1.0.2


No changes.

closed in 1.0.1

1.0.0 (changes since 0.20)

  • Custom per message elastic search metadata #1161

  • Use _doc as type in Elasticsearch tests #1124

  • Update Elasticsearch docs to describe incoming message types #1118

  • Support update and delete by incoming message types #1104

  • Add missing type declaration to keep source uniformity #1101

  • failStage should happen when shouldRetry returns false #1302

  • towards 1.0 #1179 api-change

    • Major API changes
    <= v0.20 now
    IncomingMessage WriteMessage (non case class)
    IncomingIndexMessage use WriteMessage.createIndexMessage
    IncomingUpdateMessage use WriteMessage.createUpdateMessage
    IncomingUpsertMessage use WriteMessage.createUpsertMessage
    IncomingDeleteMessage use WriteMessage.createDeleteMessage
    IncomingMessageResult WriteResult
    OutgoingMessage ReadResult
    • ElasticsearchSinkSettings is now called ElasticsearchWriteSettings and no case class anymore. The fields to specify retrying are replaced by RetryLogic with the two implementations RetryNever (default) and RetryAtFixedRate.

    • ElasticsearchSourceSettings is no case class anymore.

    • To support implementing stream elements created by the Elasticsearch stages, akka.stream.alpakka.elasticsearch.testkit.MessageFactory offers factory methods.

  • Making the scroll value configurable #1366

  • introduce withContext flow #1523

  • Add CreteCreateMessage which supports Elasticsearch op_type ‘create’ #1510

  • Make flows type signature simpler to prepare for withContext #1515 api-change

  • null check for index and type name on source and flow #1478

closed in 1.0.0 closed in 1.0-RC1 closed in 1.0-M3 closed in 1.0-M2 closed in 1.0-M1

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