• S3: Move FailedUpload exception to the user facing API #1734

closed in 1.0.2


closed in 1.0.1

1.0.0 (changes since 0.20)

  • Remove “//#upload” comments to avoid duplicate codes in the document #1121

  • future should fail when request fails #1122

  • make path-style access default (#1152) #1308

  • Add retries for S3 internal errors #1303

  • Optional wrapping for ObjectMetadata in #1275 api-change

  • Ensure correct session token is used for S3 request header #1299

  • add cacheControl to ObjectMetadata #1274

  • Support creating exeptions for non XML error messages #1265

  • allow to get object metadata without size limit #1332

  • Change mat value to Future in multiPartUpload/Copy #1556 api-change enhancement

  • add deleteByPrefix method #1560 enhancement

closed in 1.0.0 closed in 1.0-RC1 closed in 1.0-M3 closed in 1.0-M2 closed in 1.0-M1

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