Class ServerFSM

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Actor, ActorLogging, FSM<ServerFSM.State,​scala.Option<ActorRef>>, LoggingFSM<ServerFSM.State,​scala.Option<ActorRef>>, Listeners

    public class ServerFSM
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Actor, LoggingFSM<ServerFSM.State,​scala.Option<ActorRef>>
    The server part of each client connection is represented by a ServerFSM. The Initial state handles reception of the new client&rsquo;s Hello message (which is needed for all subsequent node name translations).

    In the Ready state, messages from the client are forwarded to the controller and Send requests are sent, but the latter is treated specially: all client operations are to be confirmed by a Done message, and there can be only one such request outstanding at a given time (i.e. a Send fails if the previous has not yet been acknowledged).