Google Cloud Pub/Sub gRPC


  • Create google-common module #2613 by @armanbilge
  • Drop pre-3.0.0 deprecated APIs #2618 by @seglo
  • Update Google Cloud Pub Sub GRPC to Akka 2.6 #2599 by @mrooding
  • Google Pub-Sub: Switch to older emulator image #2454 by @raboof
  • Google Pub/Sub: lock emulator version to 313.0.1 #2449 by @ennru
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub gRPC: acknowledge flow #2422 by @ennru
  • Inherit io.grpc version from Akka gRPC #2427 by @raboof
  • Google Pub/Sub gRPC: use the gcloud emulator in tests #2426 by @ennru
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub gRPC: align the gRPC auth version #2420 by @ennru

closed in 3.0.0-M1

For earlier changes see 2.0.x versions

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