Class Tcp

  extended by akka.io.Tcp
All Implemented Interfaces:
ExtensionId<TcpExt>, ExtensionIdProvider

public class Tcp
extends java.lang.Object
implements ExtensionId<TcpExt>, ExtensionIdProvider

TCP Extension for Akka&rsquo;s IO layer.

For a full description of the design and philosophy behind this IO implementation please refer to the Akka online documentation.

In order to open an outbound connection send a Tcp.Connect message to the TcpExt.manager().

In order to start listening for inbound connetions send a Tcp.Bind message to the TcpExt.manager().

The Java API for generating TCP commands is available at TcpMessage.

Nested Class Summary
static class Tcp.Abort$
          An abort operation will not flush pending writes and will issue a TCP ABORT command to the O/S kernel which should result in a TCP_RST packet being sent to the peer.
static class Tcp.Aborted$
          The connection has been aborted in response to an Abort command.
static class Tcp.Bind
          The Bind message is send to the TCP manager actor, which is obtained via TcpExt.manager() in order to bind to a listening socket.
static class Tcp.Bind$
static class Tcp.Bound
          The sender of a Tcp.Bind command will—in case of success—receive confirmation in this form.
static class Tcp.Bound$
static class Tcp.Close$
          A normal close operation will first flush pending writes and then close the socket.
static interface Tcp.CloseCommand
          Common interface for all commands which aim to close down an open connection.
static class Tcp.Closed$
          The connection has been closed normally in response to a Close command.
static interface Tcp.Command
          This is the common trait for all commands understood by TCP actors.
static class Tcp.CommandFailed
          Whenever a command cannot be completed, the queried actor will reply with this message, wrapping the original command which failed.
static class Tcp.CommandFailed$
static class Tcp.CompoundWrite
          A write command which aggregates two other write commands.
static class Tcp.CompoundWrite$
static class Tcp.ConfirmedClose$
          A confirmed close operation will flush pending writes and half-close the connection, waiting for the peer to close the other half.
static class Tcp.ConfirmedClosed$
          The connection has been half-closed by us and then half-close by the peer in response to a ConfirmedClose command.
static class Tcp.Connect
          The Connect message is sent to the TCP manager actor, which is obtained via TcpExt.manager().
static class Tcp.Connect$
static class Tcp.Connected
          The connection actor sends this message either to the sender of a Tcp.Connect command (for outbound) or to the handler for incoming connections designated in the Tcp.Bind message.
static class Tcp.Connected$
static interface Tcp.ConnectionClosed
          This is the common interface for all events which indicate that a connection has been closed or half-closed.
static class Tcp.ErrorClosed
          The connection has been closed due to an IO error.
static class Tcp.ErrorClosed$
static interface Tcp.Event
          Common interface for all events generated by the TCP layer actors.
static interface Tcp.Message
          The common interface for Tcp.WriteCommand and Tcp.Event.
static class Tcp.NoAck
          Each Tcp.WriteCommand can optionally request a positive acknowledgment to be sent to the commanding actor.
static class Tcp.NoAck$
          Default Tcp.NoAck instance which is used when no acknowledgment information is explicitly provided.
static class Tcp.PeerClosed$
          The peer has closed its writing half of the connection.
static class Tcp.Received
          Whenever data are read from a socket they will be transferred within this class to the handler actor which was designated in the Tcp.Register message.
static class Tcp.Received$
static class Tcp.Register
          This message must be sent to a TCP connection actor after receiving the Tcp.Connected message.
static class Tcp.Register$
static class Tcp.ResumeAccepting
          This message enables the accepting of the next connection if read throttling is enabled for connection actors.
static class Tcp.ResumeAccepting$
static class Tcp.ResumeReading$
          This command needs to be sent to the connection actor after a SuspendReading command in order to resume reading from the socket.
static class Tcp.ResumeWriting$
          When useResumeWriting is in effect as was indicated in the Tcp.Register message then this command needs to be sent to the connection actor in order to re-enable writing after a Tcp.CommandFailed event.
static class Tcp.SimpleWriteCommand
          Common supertype of Tcp.Write and Tcp.WriteFile.
static class Tcp.SO$
          Scala API: this object contains all applicable socket options for TCP.
static class Tcp.SuspendReading$
          Sending this command to the connection actor will disable reading from the TCP socket.
static class Tcp.Unbind$
          In order to close down a listening socket, send this message to that socket&rsquo;s actor (that is the actor which previously had sent the Tcp.Bound message).
static interface Tcp.Unbound
          The sender of an Unbind command will receive confirmation through this message once the listening socket has been closed.
static class Tcp.Unbound$
static class Tcp.Write
          Write data to the TCP connection.
static class Tcp.Write$
static class Tcp.WriteCommand
          Common interface for all write commands, currently Tcp.Write, Tcp.WriteFile and Tcp.CompoundWrite.
static class Tcp.WriteCommand$
static class Tcp.WriteFile
          Write count bytes starting at position from file at filePath to the connection.
static class Tcp.WriteFile$
static interface Tcp.WritingResumed
          When useResumeWriting is in effect as indicated in the Tcp.Register message, the ResumeWriting command will be acknowledged by this message type, upon which it is safe to send at least one write.
static class Tcp.WritingResumed$
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static TcpExt createExtension(ExtendedActorSystem system)
static TcpExt get(ActorSystem system)
          Java API: retrieve the Tcp extension for the given system.
static Tcp$ lookup()
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Constructor Detail


public Tcp()
Method Detail


public static Tcp$ lookup()


public static TcpExt createExtension(ExtendedActorSystem system)


public static TcpExt get(ActorSystem system)
Java API: retrieve the Tcp extension for the given system.

system - (undocumented)