Webinars, Presentations and Articles


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Streaming data from Cassandra using Alpakka blog by Girish Bharti, September 2019

Rethinking Streaming Workloads with Akka Streams: Part II blog by Colin Breck, July 2019

Rethinking Streaming Workloads with Akka Streams: Part I blog by Colin Breck, May 2019

Reactive Integration with Akka Streams and Alpakka presentation by Jacek Kunicki, GeeCON Kraków, May 2019

Just Right Parallelism in Akka Streams blog by Jesse Yates, April 2019

Backpressure over the wire - when things go wrong presentation by Zahari Dichev, Scala UA, March 2019


From overnight to always-on presentation at Reactive Summit by Enno Runne, October 2018

Backoff and Retry Error-Handling for Akka Streams blog by Colin Breck, October 2018

Pakk Your Alpakka: Reactive Streams Integrations For AWS, Azure, & Google Cloud Webinar by Enno Runne, Alpakka Team @ Lightbend, August 2018

Patterns for Streaming Telemetry with Akka Streams presentation by Colin Breck, ScalaDays New York, June 2018

Stream a file to AWS S3 using Akka Streams (via Alpakka) in Play Framework blog by Sidharth Khattri, May 2018

Alpakka – a new world of connectors for Reactive Enterprise Integration presentation by Jan Pustelnik, Actyx, ReactSphere Kraków, April 2018

Revitalizing Enterprise Integration with Reactive Streams Webinar by Viktor Klang, Lightbend, March 2018

Transforming enterprise integration with reactive streams Article by Jonas Bonér and Viktor Klang, March 2018

From a time-series database to a key operational technology for the enterprise Presentation by Colin Breck, Tesla, February 2018


Build Real-Time Streaming ETL Pipelines with Akka Streams, Alpakka and Apache Kafka Webinar by Konrad Malawski, Lightbend, October 2017

Alpakka File CSV and ElasticSearch connectors blog by Abhishek Srivastava, October 2017

Stream Avro Records into Kafka using Avro4s and Akka Streams Kafka blog by Abhishek Srivastava, October 2017

Reading and Writing data into RabbitMQ using Alpakka blog by Abhishek Srivastava, October 2017

Using cats with reactive-kafka blog by Itamar Ravid, July 2017


Akka Streams Integration, codename Alpakka initial announcement of Akka Alpakka, August 2016

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