Use the first n elements from the stream to determine how to process the rest.

Nesting and flattening operators


Source.flatMapPrefixSource.flatMapPrefix Flow.flatMapPrefixFlow.flatMapPrefix


Take up to n elements from the stream (less than n only if the upstream completes before emitting n elements), then apply f on these elements in order to obtain a flow, this flow is then materialized and the rest of the input is processed by this flow (similar to via). This method returns a flow consuming the rest of the stream producing the materialized flow’s output.

Reactive Streams semantics

emits when the materialized flow emits. Notice the first n elements are buffered internally before materializing the flow and connecting it to the rest of the upstream - producing elements at its own discretion (might ‘swallow’ or multiply elements).

backpressures when the materialized flow backpressures

completes the materialized flow completes. If upstream completes before producing n elements, f will be applied with the provided elements, the resulting flow will be materialized and signalled for upstream completion, it can then or continue to emit elements at its own discretion.

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