Collect all values emitted from the stream into a collection.Operator only available in the Scala API. The closest operator in the Java API is Sink.seq.

Sink operators




Collect values emitted from the stream into an arbitrary collection That. The resulting collection is available through a Future[That] or when the stream completes. Note that the collection boundaries are those defined in the CanBuildFrom associated with the chosen collection. See The Architecture of Scala 2.13’s Collections for more info. The seq operator is a shorthand for Sink.collection[T, Vector[T]].


This example reads the numbers from a source and stores them in the List collection.

sourceval source = Source(1 to 5)
val result: Future[List[Int]] = source.runWith(Sink.collection[Int, List[Int]])
//List(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Reactive Streams semantics

cancels If too many values are collected

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