Class ZipLatest<A,​B>

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    public final class ZipLatest<A,​B>
    extends ZipLatestWith2<A,​B,​scala.Tuple2<A,​B>>
    Combine the elements of 2 streams into a stream of tuples, picking always the latest element of each.

    A ZipLatest has a left and a right input port and one out port.

    No element is emitted until at least one element from each Source becomes available.

    '''Emits when''' all of the inputs have at least an element available, and then each time an element becomes * available on either of the inputs

    '''Backpressures when''' downstream backpressures

    '''Completes when''' any upstream completes if eagerComplete is enabled or wait for all upstreams to complete

    '''Cancels when''' downstream cancels

    • Constructor Detail

      • ZipLatest

        public ZipLatest​(boolean eagerComplete)
      • ZipLatest

        public ZipLatest()
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        public static <A,​B> ZipLatest<A,​B> apply()
        Create a new ZipLatest.
      • apply

        public static <A,​B> ZipLatest<A,​B> apply​(boolean eagerComplete)
        Create a new ZipLatest.