Package akka.remote

Class DefaultFailureDetectorRegistry<A>

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    public class DefaultFailureDetectorRegistry<A>
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements FailureDetectorRegistry<A>
    A lock-less thread-safe implementation of FailureDetectorRegistry.

    param: detectorFactory By-name parameter that returns the failure detector instance to be used by a newly registered resource

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      void heartbeat​(A resource)
      Records a heartbeat for a resource.
      boolean isAvailable​(A resource)
      Returns true if the resource is considered to be up and healthy and returns false otherwise.
      boolean isMonitoring​(A resource)
      Returns true if the failure detector has received any heartbeats and started monitoring of the resource.
      void remove​(A resource)
      Removes the heartbeat management for a resource.
      void reset()
      Removes all resources and any associated failure detector state.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultFailureDetectorRegistry

        public DefaultFailureDetectorRegistry​(scala.Function0<FailureDetector> detectorFactory)