Interface RemovedNodePruning

    • Method Detail

      • modifiedByNodes

        scala.collection.immutable.Set<UniqueAddress> modifiedByNodes()
        The nodes that have changed the state for this data and would need pruning when such node is no longer part of the cluster.
      • needPruningFrom

        boolean needPruningFrom​(UniqueAddress removedNode)
        Does it have any state changes from a specific node, which has been removed from the cluster.
      • prune

        RemovedNodePruning prune​(UniqueAddress removedNode,
                                 UniqueAddress collapseInto)
        When the removed node has been removed from the cluster the state changes from that node will be pruned by collapsing the data entries to another node.
      • pruningCleanup

        RemovedNodePruning pruningCleanup​(UniqueAddress removedNode)
        Remove data entries from a node that has been removed from the cluster and already been pruned.