Class ActorSystem.Settings

    • Constructor Detail

      • Settings

        public Settings​(java.lang.ClassLoader classLoader,
                        com.typesafe.config.Config cfg,
                        java.lang.String name,
                        ActorSystemSetup setup)
      • Settings

        public Settings​(java.lang.ClassLoader classLoader,
                        com.typesafe.config.Config cfg,
                        java.lang.String name)
    • Method Detail

      • AddLoggingReceive

        public final boolean AddLoggingReceive()
      • AllowJavaSerialization

        public final boolean AllowJavaSerialization()
      • ConfigVersion

        public final java.lang.String ConfigVersion()
      • CreationTimeout

        public final Timeout CreationTimeout()
      • Daemonicity

        public final boolean Daemonicity()
      • DebugAutoReceive

        public final boolean DebugAutoReceive()
      • DebugEventStream

        public final boolean DebugEventStream()
      • DebugLifecycle

        public final boolean DebugLifecycle()
      • DebugRouterMisconfiguration

        public final boolean DebugRouterMisconfiguration()
      • DebugUnhandledMessage

        public final boolean DebugUnhandledMessage()
      • DefaultVirtualNodesFactor

        public final int DefaultVirtualNodesFactor()
      • EnableAdditionalSerializationBindings

        public final boolean EnableAdditionalSerializationBindings()
      • FsmDebugEvent

        public final boolean FsmDebugEvent()
      • Home

        public final scala.Option<java.lang.String> Home()
      • JvmExitOnFatalError

        public final boolean JvmExitOnFatalError()
      • JvmShutdownHooks

        public final boolean JvmShutdownHooks()
      • LogConfigOnStart

        public final boolean LogConfigOnStart()
      • LogDeadLetters

        public final int LogDeadLetters()
      • LogDeadLettersDuringShutdown

        public final boolean LogDeadLettersDuringShutdown()
      • LogLevel

        public final java.lang.String LogLevel()
      • LoggerStartTimeout

        public final Timeout LoggerStartTimeout()
      • Loggers

        public final scala.collection.immutable.Seq<java.lang.String> Loggers()
      • LoggersDispatcher

        public final java.lang.String LoggersDispatcher()
      • LoggingFilter

        public final java.lang.String LoggingFilter()
      • ProviderClass

        public final java.lang.String ProviderClass()
      • SchedulerClass

        public final java.lang.String SchedulerClass()
      • SerializeAllCreators

        public final boolean SerializeAllCreators()
      • SerializeAllMessages

        public final boolean SerializeAllMessages()
      • StdoutLogLevel

        public final java.lang.String StdoutLogLevel()
      • SupervisorStrategyClass

        public final java.lang.String SupervisorStrategyClass()
      • UnstartedPushTimeout

        public final Timeout UnstartedPushTimeout()
      • name

        public final java.lang.String name()
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        Returns the String representation of the Config that this Settings is backed by
        toString in class java.lang.Object