Interface Creators.ActWithStash

All Superinterfaces:
Actor, Creators.Act, RequiresMessageQueue<DequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics>, Stash, StashSupport, UnrestrictedStash
Enclosing interface:

public static interface Creators.ActWithStash
extends Creators.Act, Stash

Use this trait when defining an Actor with Stash, since just using actor()(new Act with Stash{}) will not be able to see the Stash component due to type erasure.

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AllForOneStrategy, become, becomeStacked, Escalate, OneForOneStrategy, postRestart, postStop, preRestart, preStart, receive, Restart, Resume, Stop, superviseWith, supervisorStrategy, unbecome, whenFailing, whenRestarted, whenStarting, whenStopping
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actorCell, capacity, clearStash, context, enqueueFirst, mailbox, prepend, self, stash, theStash, unstash, unstashAll, unstashAll