Using OpenTelemetry as the metrics backend

Lightbend Telemetry can report metrics using OpenTelemetry new tab using a backend plugin integrated with the OpenTelemetry JVM client new tab.

The following is the core Cinnamon OpenTelemetry dependency that you will need to add to your build tool configuration, together with the gRPC exporter new tab:

<!-- Cinnamon OpenTelemetry core dependency -->
libraryDependencies ++= Seq(

After you have made that alteration, enable the gRPC exporter using the following configuration:

cinnamon.opentelemetry.metrics {
  exporters += "grpc-exporter"

Cinnamon will start to push metrics from an OpenTelemetry collector new tab. For an extended example how configure this setup, please have a look at our Cinnamon OpenTelemetry sandbox new tab.

See the Full Telemetry documentation new tab for details and references regarding OpenTelemetry backend configuration.