Amazon Keyspaces


This project is not continuously tested against Keyspaces, and Keyspaces is not supported as part of the Lightbend Subscription.

Amazon Keyspaces is an Amazon service that provides a Cassandra-like API, but it’s not real Cassandra and has different behaviour for some things (for example atomic persist of several events is not possible).

Keyspaces is known not to work on akka-persistence-cassandra version 1.0.3 and earlier.


Configure the authentication plugin in application.conf:

datastax-java-driver { = [ ""]
  basic.request.consistency = LOCAL_QUORUM
  basic.load-balancing-policy {
    class = DefaultLoadBalancingPolicy
    local-datacenter = eu-central-1
  profiles {
     akka-persistence-cassandra-profile {
        basic.request.consistency = LOCAL_QUORUM
  advanced {
    auth-provider = {
      class =
      aws-region = eu-central-1
    ssl-engine-factory {
      class = DefaultSslEngineFactory
      truststore-path = "cassandra_truststore.jks"
      truststore-password = "my_password"
      hostname-validation = false      

Note that the contact points must also be configured. You find the endpoints for different regions at


Keyspace and table creation are asynchronous and not finished when the returned Future is completed, so it is best to create the tables and keyspaces manually before deploying your application.

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