There are a number of options for testing persistent actors when using the Akka Persistence Cassandra plugin. The two main methods are:

  • Testing using the inmem journal as shown in the Akka docs.
  • Testing against a real Cassandra instance.

For testing against Cassandra you can:

  • Use an existing cluster in your environment.
  • Install a local Cassandra cluster installed with your preferred method
  • Set up one locally with Cassandra Cluster Manager

Then there are options with tighter unit test framework integration:

For testing it can be convenient to enable automatic creation of keyspace and tables with configuration:

akka.persistence.cassandra {
  journal.keyspace-autocreate = on
  journal.tables-autocreate = on
  snapshot.keyspace-autocreate = on
  snapshot.tables-autocreate = on

Another recommended configuration is to not run test in parallel to avoid contention around manipulating the cassandra keyspace. Using sbt, you are able to control the parallelExecution as described here.

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