def getFromBrowseableDirectory(directory: String)(implicit renderer: DirectoryRenderer, resolver: ContentTypeResolver): Route


The getFromBrowseableDirectories is a combination of serving files from the specified directories (like getFromDirectory) and listing a browseable directory with listDirectoryContents.

Nesting this directive beneath get is not necessary as this directive will only respond to GET requests.

Use getFromBrowseableDirectory to serve only one directory.

Use getFromDirectory if directory browsing isn’t required.


sourceval route =
  path("tmp") {

// tests:
Get("/tmp") ~> route ~> check {
  status shouldEqual StatusCodes.OK
sourceimport static akka.http.javadsl.server.Directives.getFromBrowseableDirectory;
import static akka.http.javadsl.server.Directives.path;

final Route route = path("tmp", () ->

// tests:

Default file listing page example

Directives which list directories (e.g. getFromBrowsableDirectory) use an implicit DirectoryRenderer instance to perform the actual rendering of the file listing. This rendered can be easily overridden by simply providing one in-scope for the directives to use, so you can build your custom directory listings.

The default renderer is akka.http.scaladsl.server.directives.FileAndResourceDirectives.defaultDirectoryRenderer, and renders a listing which looks like this:


Example page rendered by the defaultDirectoryRenderer.

It’s possible to turn off rendering the footer stating which version of Akka HTTP is rendering this page by configuring the akka.http.routing.render-vanity-footer configuration option to off.

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