def logResult(marker: String): Directive0
def logResult(marker: String, level: LogLevel): Directive0
def logResult(show: RouteResult => String): Directive0
def logResult(show: RouteResult => LogEntry): Directive0
def logResult(magnet: LoggingMagnet[RouteResult => Unit]): Directive0

The signature shown is simplified, the real signature uses magnets. [1]

[1] See The Magnet Pattern for an explanation of magnet-based overloading.


Logs the response using the LoggingAdapterLoggingAdapter of the RequestContextRequestContext.

See logRequest for the general description how these directives work. This directive is different as it requires a LoggingMagnet[RouteResult => Unit]. Instead of just logging HttpResponses, logResult is able to log any RouteResult coming back from the inner route.

Use logRequest for logging the request, or logRequestResult for logging both.


source// different possibilities of using logResponse

// The first alternatives use an implicitly available LoggingContext for logging
// marks with "get-user", log with debug level, HttpResponse.toString

// marks with "get-user", log with info level, HttpResponse.toString
DebuggingDirectives.logResult(("get-user", Logging.InfoLevel))

// logs just the response status at debug level
def responseStatus(res: RouteResult): String = res match {
  case RouteResult.Complete(x)          => x.status.toString
  case RouteResult.Rejected(rejections) => "Rejected: " + rejections.mkString(", ")
DebuggingDirectives.logResult(responseStatus _)

// logs just the response status at info level
def responseStatusAsInfo(res: RouteResult): LogEntry = LogEntry(responseStatus(res), Logging.InfoLevel)
DebuggingDirectives.logResult(responseStatusAsInfo _)

// This one doesn't use the implicit LoggingContext but uses `println` for logging
def printResponseStatus(res: RouteResult): Unit = println(responseStatus(res))
val logResultPrintln = DebuggingDirectives.logResult(LoggingMagnet(_ => printResponseStatus))

// tests:
Get("/") ~> logResultPrintln(complete("logged")) ~> check {
  responseAs[String] shouldEqual "logged"
sourceimport static akka.http.javadsl.server.Directives.logResult;

// logs result with "get-user"
final Route routeBasicLogResult = get(() ->
  logResult("get-user", () -> complete("logged")));

// logs result with "get-user" as Info
final Route routeBasicLogResultAsInfo = get(() ->
  logResult("get-user", InfoLevel(), () -> complete("logged")));

// logs the result and the rejections as LogEntry
Function<HttpResponse, LogEntry> showSuccessAsInfo = (response) ->
  LogEntry.create(String.format("Response code '%d'", response.status().intValue()),

Function<List<Rejection>, LogEntry> showRejectionAsInfo = (rejections) ->
      .map(rejection -> rejection.toString())
      .collect(Collectors.joining(", ")),

final Route routeUsingFunction = get(() ->
  logResult(showSuccessAsInfo, showRejectionAsInfo, () -> complete("logged")));
// tests:
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