10.1.x Release Notes


Akka is not an explicit dependency any more

Akka HTTP supports both running on top of Akka 2.4 and Akka 2.5. However, using Akka HTTP with Akka 2.5 used to be a bit confusing, because Akka HTTP explicitly depended on Akka 2.4. Trying to use it together with Akka 2.5, running an Akka HTTP application could fail with class loading issues if you forgot to add a dependency to both akka-actor and akka-stream of the same version. For that reason, we changed the policy not to depend on akka-stream explicitly any more but mark it as a provided dependency in our build. That means that you will always have to add a manual dependency to akka-stream. Please make sure you have chosen and added a dependency to akka-stream when updating to the new version. (Old timers may remember this policy from spray.)

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