package ftp

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Package Members

  1. package impl
  2. package javadsl
  3. package scaladsl

Type Members

  1. final class FtpAuthenticationException extends IllegalArgumentException
  2. sealed abstract class FtpCredentials extends AnyRef

    FTP credentials

  3. final case class FtpFile(name: String, path: String, isDirectory: Boolean, size: Long, lastModified: Long, permissions: Set[PosixFilePermission]) extends Product with Serializable

    FTP remote file descriptor.

    FTP remote file descriptor.


    file name


    remote file path as viewed by the logged user. It should always start by '/'


    the descriptor is a directory


    the file size in bytes


    the timestamp of the file last modification


    the permissions of the file

  4. sealed abstract class FtpFileSettings extends RemoteFileSettings

    Common settings for FTP and FTPs.

    Common settings for FTP and FTPs.

  5. final class FtpSettings extends FtpFileSettings

    FTP settings

  6. final class FtpsSettings extends FtpFileSettings

    FTPs settings

  7. final class KeyFileSftpIdentity extends SftpIdentity

    SFTP identity for authenticating using private/public key file

  8. final class RawKeySftpIdentity extends SftpIdentity

    SFTP identity for authenticating using private/public key value

  9. sealed abstract class RemoteFileSettings extends AnyRef

    Common remote file settings.

    Common remote file settings.

  10. sealed abstract class SftpIdentity extends AnyRef

    SFTP identity details

  11. final class SftpSettings extends RemoteFileSettings

    SFTP settings

Value Members

  1. object FtpCredentials

    FTP credentials factory

  2. object FtpSettings

    FTP settings factory

  3. object FtpsSettings

    FTPs settings factory

  4. object SftpIdentity

    SFTP identity factory

  5. object SftpSettings

    SFTP settings factory