Interface SinkRef<In>

  • public interface SinkRef<In>
    A SinkRef allows sharing a "reference" to a Sink with others, with the main purpose of crossing a network boundary. Usually obtaining a SinkRef would be done via Actor messaging, in which one system asks a remote one, to accept some data from it, and the remote one decides to accept the request to send data in a back-pressured streaming fashion -- using a sink ref.

    To create a SinkRef you have to materialize the Sink that you want to obtain a reference to by attaching it to a StreamRefs.sinkRef().

    Stream refs can be seen as Reactive Streams over network boundaries. See also SourceRef which is the dual of a SinkRef.

    For additional configuration see reference.conf as well as StreamRefAttributes.

    Not for user extension.

    • Method Detail

      • sink

        Sink<In,​NotUsed> sink()
        Scala API: Get Sink underlying to this source ref.
      • getSink

        Sink<In,​NotUsed> getSink()
        Java API: Get javadsl.Sink underlying to this source ref.