Interface InboundContext

  • public interface InboundContext
    INTERNAL API Inbound API that is used by the stream operators. Separate trait to facilitate testing without real transport.
    • Method Detail

      • association

        OutboundContext association​(Address remoteAddress)
        Lookup the outbound association for a given address.
      • association

        <any> association​(long uid)
        Lookup the outbound association for a given UID. Will return OptionVal.None if the UID is unknown, i.e. handshake not completed.
      • completeHandshake

        scala.concurrent.Future<Done> completeHandshake​(UniqueAddress peer)
      • localAddress

        UniqueAddress localAddress()
        The local inbound address.
      • publishDropped

        void publishDropped​(InboundEnvelope inbound,
                            java.lang.String reason)
      • sendControl

        void sendControl​(Address to,
                         ControlMessage message)
        An inbound operator can send control message, e.g. a reply, to the origin address with this method. It will be sent over the control sub-channel.
      • settings

        akka.remote.artery.ArterySettings settings()