Interface OutboundContext

  • public interface OutboundContext
    INTERNAL API Outbound association API that is used by the stream operators. Separate trait to facilitate testing without real transport.
    • Method Detail

      • associationState

        akka.remote.artery.AssociationState associationState()
      • controlSubject

        akka.remote.artery.InboundControlJunction.ControlMessageSubject controlSubject()
        An outbound operator can listen to control messages via this observer subject.
      • isOrdinaryMessageStreamActive

        boolean isOrdinaryMessageStreamActive()
        true if any of the streams are active (not stopped due to idle)
      • localAddress

        UniqueAddress localAddress()
        The local inbound address.
      • quarantine

        void quarantine​(java.lang.String reason)
      • remoteAddress

        Address remoteAddress()
        The outbound address for this association.
      • sendControl

        void sendControl​(ControlMessage message)
        An inbound operator can send control message, e.g. a HandshakeReq, to the remote address of this association. It will be sent over the control sub-channel.
      • settings

        akka.remote.artery.ArterySettings settings()