Class PersistenceTestKitReadJournal

    • Constructor Detail

      • PersistenceTestKitReadJournal

        public PersistenceTestKitReadJournal​(ExtendedActorSystem system,
                                             com.typesafe.config.Config config,
                                             java.lang.String configPath)
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      • Identifier

        public static java.lang.String Identifier()
      • eventsByPersistenceId

        public Source<EventEnvelope,​NotUsed> eventsByPersistenceId​(java.lang.String persistenceId,
                                                                         long fromSequenceNr,
                                                                         long toSequenceNr)
        Description copied from interface: EventsByPersistenceIdQuery
        Query events for a specific PersistentActor identified by persistenceId.

        You can retrieve a subset of all events by specifying fromSequenceNr and toSequenceNr or use 0L and Long.MaxValue respectively to retrieve all events. The query will return all the events inclusive of the fromSequenceNr and toSequenceNr values.

        The returned event stream should be ordered by sequence number.

        The stream is not completed when it reaches the end of the currently stored events, but it continues to push new events when new events are persisted. Corresponding query that is completed when it reaches the end of the currently stored events is provided by CurrentEventsByPersistenceIdQuery.currentEventsByPersistenceId(java.lang.String, long, long).

        Specified by:
        eventsByPersistenceId in interface EventsByPersistenceIdQuery
      • eventsByPersistenceId$default$2

        public long eventsByPersistenceId$default$2()
      • eventsByPersistenceId$default$3

        public long eventsByPersistenceId$default$3()
      • currentEventsByPersistenceId$default$2

        public long currentEventsByPersistenceId$default$2()
      • currentEventsByPersistenceId$default$3

        public long currentEventsByPersistenceId$default$3()
      • currentEventsByTag$default$2

        public Offset currentEventsByTag$default$2()
      • currentEventsBySlices

        public <Event> Source<EventEnvelope<Event>,​NotUsed> currentEventsBySlices​(java.lang.String entityType,
                                                                                        int minSlice,
                                                                                        int maxSlice,
                                                                                        Offset offset)
        Description copied from interface: CurrentEventsBySliceQuery
        Same type of query as EventsBySliceQuery.eventsBySlices but the event stream is completed immediately when it reaches the end of the "result set". Depending on journal implementation, this may mean all events up to when the query is started, or it may include events that are persisted while the query is still streaming results. For eventually consistent stores, it may only include all events up to some point before the query is started.
        Specified by:
        currentEventsBySlices in interface CurrentEventsBySliceQuery
      • sliceRanges

        public scala.collection.immutable.Seq<scala.collection.immutable.Range> sliceRanges​(int numberOfRanges)
        Specified by:
        sliceRanges in interface CurrentEventsBySliceQuery
      • currentPersistenceIds

        public Source<java.lang.String,​NotUsed> currentPersistenceIds​(scala.Option<java.lang.String> afterId,
                                                                            long limit)
        Get the current persistence ids.

        Not all plugins may support in database paging, and may simply use drop/take Akka streams operators to manipulate the result set according to the paging parameters.

        Specified by:
        currentPersistenceIds in interface PagedPersistenceIdsQuery
        afterId - The ID to start returning results from, or None to return all ids. This should be an id returned from a previous invocation of this command. Callers should not assume that ids are returned in sorted order.
        limit - The maximum results to return. Use Long.MaxValue to return all results. Must be greater than zero.
        A source containing all the persistence ids, limited as specified.