Interface PersistentRepr

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    public interface PersistentRepr
    extends Message
    Plugin API: representation of a persistent message in the journal plugin API.

    See Also:
    AsyncWriteJournal, AsyncRecovery
    • Method Detail

      • payload

        java.lang.Object payload()
        This persistent message's payload (the event).
      • manifest

        java.lang.String manifest()
        Returns the event adapter manifest for the persistent payload (event) if available May be "" if event adapter manifest is not used. Note that this is not the same as the manifest of the serialized representation of the payload.
      • persistenceId

        java.lang.String persistenceId()
        Persistent id that journals a persistent message
      • sequenceNr

        long sequenceNr()
        This persistent message's sequence number.
      • timestamp

        long timestamp()
        The timestamp is the time the event was stored, in milliseconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC (same as System.currentTimeMillis).

        Value 0 is used if undefined.

      • metadata

        scala.Option<java.lang.Object> metadata()
      • withMetadata

        PersistentRepr withMetadata​(java.lang.Object metadata)
      • writerUuid

        java.lang.String writerUuid()
        Unique identifier of the writing persistent actor. Used to detect anomalies with overlapping writes from multiple persistent actors, which can result in inconsistent replays.
      • withPayload

        PersistentRepr withPayload​(java.lang.Object payload)
        Creates a new persistent message with the specified payload (event).
      • withManifest

        PersistentRepr withManifest​(java.lang.String manifest)
        Creates a new persistent message with the specified event adapter manifest.
      • deleted

        boolean deleted()
        Not used, can always be false.

        Not used in new records stored with Akka v2.4, but old records from v2.3 may have this as true if it was a non-permanent delete.

      • sender

        ActorRef sender()
        Not used, can be null
      • update

        PersistentRepr update​(long sequenceNr,
                              java.lang.String persistenceId,
                              boolean deleted,
                              ActorRef sender,
                              java.lang.String writerUuid)
        Creates a new copy of this PersistentRepr.
      • update$default$1

        long update$default$1()
      • update$default$2

        java.lang.String update$default$2()
      • update$default$3

        boolean update$default$3()
      • update$default$4

        ActorRef update$default$4()
      • update$default$5

        java.lang.String update$default$5()