Class KeepOldest

  • public final class KeepOldest
    extends DowningStrategy

    Down the part that does not contain the oldest member (current singleton).

    There is one exception to this rule if downIfAlone is defined to true. Then, if the oldest node has partitioned from all other nodes the oldest will down itself and keep all other nodes running. The strategy will not down the single oldest node when it is the only remaining node in the cluster.

    Note that if the oldest node crashes the others will remove it from the cluster when downIfAlone is true, otherwise they will down themselves if the oldest node crashes, i.e. shutdown the whole cluster together with the oldest node.

    If the role is defined the decision is based only on members with that role, i.e. using the oldest member (singleton) within the nodes with that role.

    It is only using members within the own data center, i.e. oldest within the data center.