Package akka.event

Interface LookupClassification

  • public interface LookupClassification
    Maps Subscribers to Classifiers using equality on Classifier to store a Set of Subscribers (hence the need for compareSubscribers) Maps Events to Classifiers through the classify-method (so it knows who to publish to)

    The compareSubscribers need to provide a total ordering of the Subscribers

    • Method Detail

      • akka$event$LookupClassification$_setter_$subscribers_$eq

        void akka$event$LookupClassification$_setter_$subscribers_$eq​(Index<java.lang.Object,​java.lang.Object> x$1)
      • compareSubscribers

        int compareSubscribers​(LookupClassification a,
                               LookupClassification b)
        Provides a total ordering of Subscribers (think
        a - (undocumented)
        b - (undocumented)
      • mapSize

        int mapSize()
        This is a size hint for the number of Classifiers you expect to have (use powers of 2)
      • publish

        void publish​(LookupClassification event,
                     LookupClassification subscriber)
        Publishes the given Event to the given Subscriber
        event - (undocumented)
        subscriber - (undocumented)
      • subscribers

        Index<java.lang.Object,​java.lang.Object> subscribers()