Interface LoggingFSM<S,​D>

    • Method Detail

      • advance

        void advance()
      • akka$actor$LoggingFSM$_setter_$debugEvent_$eq

        void akka$actor$LoggingFSM$_setter_$debugEvent_$eq​(boolean x$1)
      • debugEvent

        boolean debugEvent()
        Specified by:
        debugEvent in interface FSM<S,​D>
      • full_$eq

        void full_$eq​(boolean x$1)
      • getLog

        scala.collection.immutable.IndexedSeq<FSM.LogEntry<S,​D>> getLog()
        Retrieve current rolling log in oldest-first order. The log is filled with each incoming event before processing by the user supplied state handler. The log entries are lost when this actor is restarted.
      • logDepth

        int logDepth()
      • pos_$eq

        void pos_$eq​(int x$1)
      • processEvent

        void processEvent​(FSM.Event<D> event,
                          java.lang.Object source)
        Specified by:
        processEvent in interface FSM<S,​D>
      • super$processEvent

        void super$processEvent​(FSM.Event<D> event,
                                java.lang.Object source)