Package akka.routing

Interface RouterConfig

    • Method Detail

      • createRouter

        Router createRouter​(ActorSystem system)
        Create the actual router, responsible for routing messages to routees.

        system - the ActorSystem this router belongs to
      • createRouterActor

        akka.routing.RouterActor createRouterActor()
        INTERNAL API The router "head" actor.
      • routerDispatcher

        java.lang.String routerDispatcher()
        Dispatcher ID to use for running the “head” actor, which handles supervision, death watch and router management messages
      • routingLogicController

        scala.Option<Props> routingLogicController​(RoutingLogic routingLogic)
        Possibility to define an actor for controlling the routing logic from external stimuli (e.g. monitoring metrics). This actor will be a child of the router "head" actor. Management messages not handled by the "head" actor are delegated to this controller actor.
      • stopRouterWhenAllRouteesRemoved

        boolean stopRouterWhenAllRouteesRemoved()
      • verifyConfig

        void verifyConfig​(ActorPath path)
        Check that everything is there which is needed. Called in constructor of RoutedActorRef to fail early.
      • withFallback

        RouterConfig withFallback​(RouterConfig other)
        Overridable merge strategy, by default completely prefers this (i.e. no merge).