Class ZipLatestWith$

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    public class ZipLatestWith$
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ZipLatestWithApply
    Combine the elements of multiple streams into a stream of combined elements using a combiner function, picking always the latest of the elements of each source. The combined stream completes immediately if some upstreams have already completed while some upstreams did not emitted any value yet. If all upstreams produced some value and the optional parameter eagerComplete is true (default), the combined stream completes when any of the upstreams completes, otherwise, the combined stream will wait for all upstreams to complete.

    No element is emitted until at least one element from each Source becomes available. Whenever a new element appears, the zipping function is invoked with a tuple containing the new element and the other last seen elements.

    '''Emits when''' all of the inputs have at least an element available, and then each time an element becomes available on either of the inputs

    '''Backpressures when''' downstream backpressures

    '''Completes when''' any of the upstreams completes

    '''Cancels when''' downstream cancels

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      • MODULE$

        public static final ZipLatestWith$ MODULE$
        Static reference to the singleton instance of this Scala object.
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      • ZipLatestWith$

        public ZipLatestWith$()