Class AbstractDeltaReplicatedData<A extends AbstractDeltaReplicatedData<A,​B>,​B extends ReplicatedDelta>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractDeltaReplicatedData

        public AbstractDeltaReplicatedData()
    • Method Detail

      • deltaData

        public abstract java.util.Optional<B> deltaData()
        The accumulated delta of mutator operations since previous DeltaReplicatedData.resetDelta(). When the Replicator invokes the modify function of the Update message and the user code is invoking one or more mutator operations the data is collecting the delta of the operations and makes it available for the Replicator with the deltaData() accessor. The modify function shall still return the full state in the same way as ReplicatedData without support for deltas.
      • mergeDeltaData

        public abstract A mergeDeltaData​(B that)
        When delta is merged into the full state this method is used. When the type D of the delta is of the same type as the full state T this method can be implemented by delegating to mergeData.