Interface ReplyEffect<Event,​State>

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    PersistNothing$, Stash$, Unhandled$

    public interface ReplyEffect<Event,​State>
    extends Effect<Event,​State>
    EventSourcedBehavior.withEnforcedReplies can be used to enforce that replies are not forgotten. Then there will be compilation errors if the returned effect isn't a ReplyEffect, which can be created with Effect.reply, Effect.noReply, EffectBuilder.thenReply, or EffectBuilder.thenNoReply.

    Not intended for user extension.

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      • thenUnstashAll

        ReplyEffect<Event,​State> thenUnstashAll()
        Unstash the commands that were stashed with Effect.stash.

        It's allowed to stash messages while unstashing. Those newly added commands will not be processed by this unstashAll effect and have to be unstashed by another unstashAll.