Class GraphStageWithMaterializedValue<S extends Shape,​M>

    • Constructor Detail

      • GraphStageWithMaterializedValue

        public GraphStageWithMaterializedValue()
    • Method Detail

      • createLogicAndMaterializedValue

        public abstract scala.Tuple2<GraphStageLogic,​M> createLogicAndMaterializedValue​(Attributes inheritedAttributes)
                                                                                       throws java.lang.Exception
      • initialAttributes

        protected Attributes initialAttributes()
      • withAttributes

        public final Graph<S,​M> withAttributes​(Attributes attr)
        Description copied from interface: Graph
        Replace the attributes of this Flow with the given ones. If this Flow is a composite of multiple graphs, new attributes on the composite will be less specific than attributes set directly on the individual graphs of the composite.
        Specified by:
        withAttributes in interface Graph<S extends Shape,​M>