Class RetentionCriteria

    • Constructor Detail

      • RetentionCriteria

        public RetentionCriteria()
    • Method Detail

      • disabled

        public static RetentionCriteria disabled()
        Snapshots are not saved and deleted automatically, events are not deleted.
      • snapshotEvery

        public static SnapshotCountRetentionCriteria snapshotEvery​(int numberOfEvents,
                                                                   int keepNSnapshots)
        Save snapshots automatically every numberOfEvents. Snapshots that have sequence number less than the sequence number of the saved snapshot minus keepNSnapshots * numberOfEvents are automatically deleted.

        Use SnapshotCountRetentionCriteria.withDeleteEventsOnSnapshot to delete old events. Events are not deleted by default.

        If multiple events are persisted with a single Effect, the snapshot will happen after all of the events are persisted rather than precisely every numberOfEvents.