Class Recovery

    • Constructor Detail

      • Recovery

        public Recovery()
    • Method Detail

      • disabled

        public static Recovery disabled()
        Neither snapshots nor events are recovered
      • withSnapshotSelectionCriteria

        public static RecoveryWithSnapshotSelectionCriteria withSnapshotSelectionCriteria​(SnapshotSelectionCriteria snapshotSelectionCriteria)
        Changes the snapshot selection criteria used for the recovery.

        By default the most recent snapshot is used, and the remaining state updates are recovered by replaying events from the sequence number up until which the snapshot reached.

        You may configure the behavior to skip replaying snapshots completely, in which case the recovery will be performed by replaying all events -- which may take a long time.

      • asScala

        public abstract Recovery asScala()
      • toClassic

        public abstract Recovery toClassic()