Class RestartWithBackoffSource<T>

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    public final class RestartWithBackoffSource<T>
    extends GraphStage<SourceShape<T>>
    Wrap the given Source with a Source that will restart it when it fails using an exponential backoff.

    This Source will not emit a complete or failure as long as maxRestarts is not reached, since the completion or failure of the wrapped Source is handled by restarting it. The wrapped Source can however be cancelled by cancelling this Source. When that happens, the wrapped Source, if currently running will be cancelled, and it will not be restarted. This can be triggered simply by the downstream cancelling, or externally by introducing a KillSwitch right after this Source in the graph.

    This uses the same exponential backoff algorithm as Backoff.

    param: minBackoff minimum (initial) duration until the child actor will started again, if it is terminated param: maxBackoff the exponential back-off is capped to this duration param: randomFactor after calculation of the exponential back-off an additional random delay based on this factor is added, e.g. 0.2 adds up to 20% delay. In order to skip this additional delay pass in 0. param: maxRestarts the amount of restarts is capped to this amount within a time frame of minBackoff. Passing 0 will cause no restarts and a negative number will not cap the amount of restarts. param: sourceFactory A factory for producing the Source to wrap.

    • Constructor Detail

      • RestartWithBackoffSource

        public RestartWithBackoffSource​(scala.Function0<Source<T,​?>> sourceFactory,
                                        scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration minBackoff,
                                        scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration maxBackoff,
                                        double randomFactor,
                                        boolean onlyOnFailures,
                                        int maxRestarts)