Interface PartitionHub.ConsumerInfo

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    public static interface PartitionHub.ConsumerInfo
    extends PartitionHub.ConsumerInfo
    Sequence of all identifiers of current consumers.

    Use this method only if you need to enumerate consumer existing ids. When selecting a specific consumerId by its index, prefer using the dedicated consumerIdByIdx(int) method instead, which is optimised for this use case.

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      • consumerIds

        scala.collection.immutable.IndexedSeq<java.lang.Object> consumerIds()
      • queueSize

        int queueSize​(long consumerId)
        Approximate number of buffered elements for a consumer. Larger value than other consumers could be an indication of that the consumer is slow.

        Note that this is a moving target since the elements are consumed concurrently.

        Specified by:
        queueSize in interface PartitionHub.ConsumerInfo
        consumerId - (undocumented)