Interface WriteEventAdapter

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      java.lang.String manifest​(java.lang.Object event)  
      java.lang.Object toJournal​(java.lang.Object event)
      Convert domain event to journal event type.
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      • manifest

        java.lang.String manifest​(java.lang.Object event)
      • toJournal

        java.lang.Object toJournal​(java.lang.Object event)
        Convert domain event to journal event type.

        Some journal may require a specific type to be returned to them, for example if a primary key has to be associated with each event then a journal may require adapters to return com.example.myjournal.EventWithPrimaryKey(event, key).

        The toJournal adaptation must be an 1-to-1 transformation. It is not allowed to drop incoming events during the toJournal adaptation.

        event - the application-side domain event to be adapted to the journal model
        the adapted event object, possibly the same object if no adaptation was performed