Package akka.dispatch.forkjoin

Preview versions of classes targeted for Java 7. Includes a fine-grained parallel computation framework: ForkJoinTasks and their related support classes provide a very efficient basis for obtaining platform-independent parallel speed-ups of computation-intensive operations. They are not a full substitute for the kinds of arbitrary processing supported by Executors or Threads. However, when applicable, they typically provide significantly greater performance on multiprocessor platforms.

Candidates for fork/join processing mainly include those that can be expressed using parallel divide-and-conquer techniques: To solve a problem, break it in two (or more) parts, and then solve those parts in parallel, continuing on in this way until the problem is too small to be broken up, so is solved directly. The underlying work-stealing framework makes subtasks available to other threads (normally one per CPU), that help complete the tasks. In general, the most efficient ForkJoinTasks are those that directly implement this algorithmic design pattern.