Package akka.dispatch

Interface MessageQueue

    • Method Detail

      • cleanUp

        void cleanUp​(ActorRef owner,
                     MessageQueue deadLetters)
        Called when the mailbox this queue belongs to is disposed of. Normally it is expected to transfer all remaining messages into the dead letter queue which is passed in. The owner of this MessageQueue is passed in if available (e.g. for creating DeadLetters()), “/deadletters” otherwise.
        owner - (undocumented)
        deadLetters - (undocumented)
      • dequeue

        Envelope dequeue()
        Try to dequeue the next message from this queue, return null failing that.
      • hasMessages

        boolean hasMessages()
        Indicates whether this queue is non-empty.
      • numberOfMessages

        int numberOfMessages()
        Should return the current number of messages held in this queue; may always return 0 if no other value is available efficiently. Do not use this for testing for presence of messages, use hasMessages instead.