Class Throttler

  • public class Throttler
    extends java.lang.Object
    Use streams, see migration guide. Since 2.5.0.
    A rate used for throttling.

    Scala API: There are some shorthands available to construct rates:

      import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit._
      import scala.concurrent.duration.{ Duration, FiniteDuration }
      val rate1 = 1 msgsPer (1, SECONDS)
      val rate2 = 1 msgsPer Duration(1, SECONDS)
      val rate3 = 1 msgsPer (1 seconds)
      val rate4 = 1 msgsPerSecond
      val rate5 = 1 msgsPerMinute
      val rate6 = 1 msgsPerHour

    param: numberOfCalls the number of calls that may take place in a period param: duration the length of the period

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    • Constructor Detail

      • Throttler

        public Throttler()
    • Method Detail

      • RateInt

        public static Throttler.RateInt RateInt​(int numberOfCalls)