Class StandardMetrics.Cpu

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, scala.Equals, scala.Product, scala.Serializable
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    public static final class StandardMetrics.Cpu
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements scala.Product, scala.Serializable
    param: address Address of the node the metrics are gathered at param: timestamp the time of sampling, in milliseconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC param: systemLoadAverage OS-specific average load on the CPUs in the system, for the past 1 minute, The system is possibly nearing a bottleneck if the system load average is nearing number of cpus/cores. param: cpuCombined combined CPU sum of User + Sys + Nice + Wait, in percentage ([0.0 - 1.0]. This metric can describe the amount of time the CPU spent executing code during n-interval and how much more it could theoretically. param: cpuStolen stolen CPU time, in percentage ([0.0 - 1.0]. param: processors the number of available processors
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • Cpu

        public Cpu​(Address address,
                   long timestamp,
                   scala.Option<java.lang.Object> systemLoadAverage,
                   scala.Option<java.lang.Object> cpuCombined,
                   scala.Option<java.lang.Object> cpuStolen,
                   int processors)
    • Method Detail

      • address

        public Address address()
      • timestamp

        public long timestamp()
      • systemLoadAverage

        public scala.Option<java.lang.Object> systemLoadAverage()
      • cpuCombined

        public scala.Option<java.lang.Object> cpuCombined()
      • cpuStolen

        public scala.Option<java.lang.Object> cpuStolen()
      • processors

        public int processors()
      • copy

        public StandardMetrics.Cpu copy​(Address address,
                                        long timestamp,
                                        scala.Option<java.lang.Object> systemLoadAverage,
                                        scala.Option<java.lang.Object> cpuCombined,
                                        scala.Option<java.lang.Object> cpuStolen,
                                        int processors)
      • copy$default$1

        public Address copy$default$1()
      • copy$default$2

        public long copy$default$2()
      • copy$default$3

        public scala.Option<java.lang.Object> copy$default$3()
      • copy$default$4

        public scala.Option<java.lang.Object> copy$default$4()
      • copy$default$5

        public scala.Option<java.lang.Object> copy$default$5()
      • copy$default$6

        public int copy$default$6()
      • productPrefix

        public java.lang.String productPrefix()
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        productPrefix in interface scala.Product
      • productArity

        public int productArity()
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        productArity in interface scala.Product
      • productElement

        public java.lang.Object productElement​(int x$1)
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        productElement in interface scala.Product
      • productIterator

        public scala.collection.Iterator<java.lang.Object> productIterator()
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        productIterator in interface scala.Product
      • canEqual

        public boolean canEqual​(java.lang.Object x$1)
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        canEqual in interface scala.Equals
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        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class java.lang.Object
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object x$1)
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        equals in interface scala.Equals
        equals in class java.lang.Object